Build your own Website.

Whether you are an Artist selling your own products, Work at Home Mom, Service seller, Traveler, or you’re Retired and thinking of selling your knowledge, a Website/Blog is a useful tool.

  • Many don’t realize that their talent, skills, passion, or knowledge can bring them a substantial revenue online.

However, people think that buying a template over the Internet and starting to build some pages, will give them instant success. Unfortunately, this is not exactly true.

Build your own Website – Action guide

The Site Build It! Action Guide is a collection of invaluable teachings, good not only for learning how to make your own Website, but first of all you will learn how to build a successful online business.

The beginning is not very easy like every beginning… Building a Website takes a lot of time, learning and determination.That’s why the SBI! mascot is the TORTOISE 🙂

The SBI tortoise

This Action Guide can seem like a lot of information. Keep focused, and literally take it easy – Don’t rush! Do it DAY by DAY, step by step.

Here is the summary:

DAYs 1-5:

  • Find your best niche,
  • Use the brainstorming tool for the best keywords within your niche,
  • Prepare your best domain name and register it
  • Make the blueprint of your site with all the topics you want to cover
  • Think about the content you want to provide for your topics and also think about how you want to monetize it

DAYs 6-10:

  • Understand the C-T-P-M process
  • Start building your pages
Build your own website with SBI! using blocks.

This is a system using the classic HTML, but quite intuitive and easy to use. Don’t worry, you don’t need to know any coding for doing it.
You can see some custom designs I made over the years for fellow SBI!-ers using the “block by block” system.

Build your website with SBI! WordPress

Starting in 2015, I chose WordPress over the classic HTML templates. The reason why I like this platform better is that it’s a modern tool, with a dynamic design, more versatile and easy to update and maintain. Of course you don’t need to know any coding either – all the tools are available right there. It’s the type of WYSIWYG ( What You See Is What You Get) thing.

What you have to understand though is that in building a website you need to follow the same principles no matter what platform you use.

For WordPress, there is a lot of help available to get you started:

  • the SBI! teachings and forums are very valuable,
  • you can also find a lot of information online, and
  • myself, I’m ready to help too.

I just started a WordPress website/blog for my group of artists at Fine Art America, so they can expose and market their work better. You will see on the top menu a link that says “For Artists” – There is where I give them all the explanations on how to make their posts using the WordPress platform. The site is very new, and the artists are not very high-tech oriented 🙂 but we got a lot of comments, likes and the traffic is booming 🙂 Here it is:

Want to start your own WordPress Website? – Custom help

Are you too busy with building your content and business?

If you need assistance refining what you have done by having a custom WordPress design made by a professional, I can help you with that, I promise!

Why Build Just a Website? Build a Website that Works!

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