End a Lifetime of Abuse

End of a lifetime abuse - sitesell.comVickie’s story is the stuff that movies are made of. Her love for knitting (and SBI!) enabled her to escape this nightmare and build a happy future for herself.

But she still dared to dream.


She dreamed about finding a way to earn money from home. Money that could help her leave, to start a new and better life. She just didn’t know how — until she discovered Solo Build It!.


She learned, step-by-step, how to turn her life-long love for knitting into an income-generating online business. And not only that, but working on her site made her feel happy and alive. It felt healthy. It felt like life should be.


In our interview Vickie tells us how she managed to turn her life around, how she found the freedom she had been craving for so long. If you enjoy happy endings, you’ll love Vickie’s story! ❤️️

Source: How Her Passion for Knitting Helped End a Lifetime of Abuse

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