Welcome to AllBiz Web Design

If you’re looking for web design that stands out, has a unique Look and Feel, AND increases conversion rates—not to mention traffic—you’ve come to the right place 🙂

AllBiz Web Design was the first at SBI offering custom L&F for blocks, and also the first offering custom designs and templates for upload your own.

Web Building Expertise

  • I’ve been a professional Graphic/Web designer since 1994 (see my resume here)
  • In 2003, I discovered and joined SBI!
  • In 2005 I became an SBI! Certified Web Master. Since then, I’ve helped many SBI-ers like you create great sites and successful online businesses.

Net Marketing Expertise

When you’ve spent as much time as I have building sites, you quickly develop an understanding of how to market on the Internet.

By combining your content (professionally edited, if necessary) with a Look and Feel that captures your personality, you’ll grab the attention of potential customers immediately.

Now I have to be honest with you—and I think you’ll be glad to hear this. SBI! has taught me more about Net Marketing than any of my other work. The tools and techniques I’ve learned from SBI! make sense. And they work!

Strongest Skills

As a visual person, I have an innate understanding of how to use visual elements to bring customers into a site and get them to buy.

What elements need to go where? Where to draw the eye? How do you get your customers to take the right action – yet still create a Look and Feel that reflects you (or your company)?

Answering these questions – and putting the answers to work on your site – is where I really shine.

Of course, I’ve also got a few other things going for me. You can count on me to meet your deadlines, even when I’ve got multiple projects on the go. I’m also fluent in English, French, and Romanian. Oh! And I love my job!


Providing you with custom Website design and creative solutions for generating more money from your online business are my specialties. How do I do it?

Your custom design (or re-design) starts with an analysis of your specific business needs and target market. I’ll develop the site concept and plan – based on your business profile and the best keywords.

Then I’ll design the graphical interface to convey your image and message. The site is created, with each page optimized to attract search engines and readers. Finally, I’ll upload everything on the SBI! server, or on your favorite server.

I am proficient in HTML, CSS design, graphics, layout, typography, photo editing and composition.

Other Services (beside site-building with SBI!)

Depending on what you need, your professional Look and Feel can include elements such as logos, illustrations, digital imagery and additional graphics.

I can also create e-book covers, Social Media banners and advertising or for you.

On my pages you will find a section with Royalty FREE photos to use on your websites – yes, I’m a passionate amateur award winning photographer 🙂

Other Relevant Information

For SBI!-ers, all my designs will be SBI! compliant, whether made for the “Block by Block” system or “WordPress”.

Please check my Portfolio to see some examples of the designs I’ve made for SBI-ers, including their comments.

You need a high quality design if you’re going to make as much money as possible from your SBI! site.

Contact me today to get started!

Thank you for visiting my Website,

Tatiana, owner of AllBiz Web Design