SBI BB2 Responsive Web Design Template – Custom L&F Design

SBI BB2 Responsive Web Design Template –  Examples of SBI Websites using my customized BB2 templates, mobile friendly and responsive design

Here are a few examples:


My new site design is done and I love it. Tatiana did a great job.

Her first draft was consistent with my wishes but used my favored visual far more creatively. Furthermore, her treatment of my site name in the header was so good that I decided to drop my logo to the footer. Her second draft was 95% perfect and the third draft nailed it.

She even went out of her way to show my actual menu titles in the draft so I could see how they would fit in the new horizontal arrangement.

Since I had not been through the process of designing a new template, I had false assumptions and asked dumb questions. Yet Tatiana was patient and tried her best to explain the process. She was always prompt and kept things moving. We finished in less time than I thought it would take.

Count me as a satisfied customer.


Richard Hill

Tatiana, yes that’s what I wanted.

Those eye-catching images give the home page a huge much needed lift.

It looks GREAT!

Good job Tatiana and thank you.




Hi Tatiana,

Thank you so much. I’m really tickled with the design and how well it works. I really appreciate everything you have done for me.

Thanks again,


Hi Tatiana,

It all looks terrific. I am very pleased with the results.

I am paying you an extra price, as your work deserves it! Have lunch on me. 😉