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SBI Custom Web Design for UYO. SBI “Upload Your Own” module. Custom design archived portfolio.

Here are some examples of graphic design, and custom-made html/CSS templates for SBI, during the years 2006 – 2012.

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Custom Web Design for UYO – Testimonials:

I love what you’ve done, looks much more polished and professional than my hack job of your template.


Curb Ivanic, MS, CSCS, from
Core Running .com

Perfect. Perfect. Perfect…

Did I mention that it is gorgeous?

Looking at my old site next to your new one is so dramatic. I think you should use this as a “before and after” feature on your website!

It is looking fabulous!


Scott Henderson
Vintage Image Craft .com

I want to thank you for your work on my site.
I’m getting great comments and have increased page hits and unique visitors by 20% in the first month, which is a pretty good result.

We aim to grow by a further 30% by the end of 2010 and have many more property adverts due to the higher rankings that we expect to achieve with SEO optimisation and link exchange strategies.

Just thought you may be interested in how your work has directly affected our viewing figures.


Tim, from
UK Film Locations

My site looks so beautiful!

Tatiana is really a hard worker and talented designer.

She not only helped me put together pages that I had and could never have done anything decent with them, but she created such a beautiful design.

Thank you so much Tatiana, I really appreciate your work!


Lamia, from
Charming Jewelry

For quite a few months now I had a desire to have my website redesigned to a three column template. On two occasions I purchased the do-it-yourself packages that were sold by two prominent SBI-ers. Tatiana was one of them. The programs gave instructions on how to great a template using CSS which would allow me to upload my own website pages to SBI server. I gave up very early on both occasions because I found it to be overwhelming.

The desire to redesign my site was still there after a few months. One day as I was looking at my Traffic Statistics and I realized that to obtain an increase in traffic. I really had to take the step and have my site re designed. I asked a friend of mine who is a Website designer and he charged me $1200.00! I was willing to make the investment and ‘dig’ in to my savings. Then I remembered that the service is offered by some SBI members.

I reviewed their program again and chose Tatiana’s program, reason being, from the first time I purchased her program, she promptly answered all my questions and that went a long way with me. So be began discussing what I wanted and she developed my template with a few varieties. Again her customer service is flawless.

I am now in the process of transferring all my pages to this new template and am very pleased with the results thus far. As I am doing this process, I am realizing how unprofessional my site was looking. Oh my! Tatiana really did a great job and I am very pleased with her work.



Martina Jackson, from

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