SBI BB1 Web Design Template 4 – Custom L&F Design

SBI BB1 Web Design Template 4 custom design archived portfolio – Examples of Look and Feel for websites using SBI BB1 module  in the years 2005 – 20011

SBI BB1 Web Design Template 4 – Custom L&F design

Examples from my of Web Design Template 12 – Look and Feel for websites using SBI BB1 in the years 2005 – 2008.  Click on the images to see them in a larger format

SBI BB1 Web Design Template 4 – Testimonials

Hello Tatiana,

I do like it! It really catches my attention, and how you “translated” my idea works pretty well with what I want to accomplish with this website.

I think this is awesome!


Catherine, from
Life with Confidence
*PS: I redesigned this site for BB2 extensive module


Thanks to, my site is much cleaner and navigable.

Before, my travel guide site was a collection of photos, links and content, pretty much a hodgepodge with no coherent organization. There was a lack of consistency, and I’m sure it cost me viewers.

After Tatiana’s work, she created a better template with an outstanding banner, then showed me how to create consistency on all the pages.

More important to me, her approach taught me the techniques necessary for me to keep it organized, clean and appealing. I highly recommend her for your website.


James.McDermott, from
Del Mar Guide


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