Hi, I’m happy to have you here because, as an SBI!-er my self, I know exactly how important it is for you to succeed.

… and I can give you a hand – or two… 😉

I know – you have read the SBI! manual, made the right keyword decisions using the brain storming tool and you are getting traffic, going higher and higher on the ranking pyramid…

However, after all the hard work you’ve done, you are maybe trying to figure out why your visitors:

  1. Leave after the first page…
  2. Don’t sign up for your newsletters…
  3. Don’t click on your products page… or
  4. Don’t contact you for your services…


How can you control a visitor’s decision?

The Look and Feel counts!

Well, it is human nature to hold onto the first impression…

That’s why, for instance, you wear good quality clothes in an important business meeting….
You need that first impression that happens only once. – You don’t have a second chance to create it!

Take a look at How Do People Evaluate A Website’s Credibility, – a study made by Stanford University and Consumer Web Watch.

Yes, an appropriate custom design for your Website, has a lot to do with the perceived credibility of your Web business. – It gives the touch of professionalism, that distinguishes you from an amateur…

– And it’s not only this. A good design, is an important “PREsell-ing” tool, this invaluable SBI! concept, part of the C-T-P-M:

* I am so proud to insert here Ken Evoy’s consideration for my custom SBI custom web design:SBI award

A good Look and Feel changes the entire TONE of your site. A good L&F sets the mood. Ultimately, words have to win the war. But the L&F sets the tone.

As WORDS start attracting traffic, you will find you have a much more powerful, lasting, sticky impact with Tatiana’s L&F.

All the best,

Whether you want to use the “block by block” building system, or upload your own, keep in mind that the “Look and Feel” of your Website needs to:

  • Tell at the first glance what your business is about
  • Express the message you want to give to your targeted audience
  • Build your credibility
  • Create a warm, inviting environment for your potential customers
  • Capture visitors attention and interest, in order to make them click further through your pages

SBI custom Web design for “block by block”

SBI offers free custom templates for you to choose from, to assign a decent aspect to your Website.

However, I noticed that sometimes SBI-ers don’t pay too much attention in choosing the right template and colors…

On an other hand:

… A pre-designed template will always be just as it is…. It gives a general Look & Feel to start with, but it cannot put that personal touch that makes you standing out from Web the competition.

One day I needed some design help. I asked for it through the Site Build It! forum.

“Ask and ye shall receive. “I received some free and some additional very inexpensive help from a fantastic SBI! trained web designer named Tatiana.

Check out her website and my information at AllBizWebDesign. The only thing is, Tatiana is not ALL BIZ. She is friendly, bright, fast and helpful! (Maybe that IS “All Biz” come to think about it!)

Donna & John P Hager, from

web design template and custom l&f for SBI BB1 module

Times have changed… and SBI too 🙂

A totally new system is now available for those who are working with “block by block” building module. BB2 has arrived and it’s absolutely amazing! It has absolutely all the new web features, modern, beautiful and easy to use!

BB2 Custom Design

Since BB2 became available, the SBI Custom Web Design have changed!

Now, I always advise SBI-ers requesting my services, to go for it. It is much more easier to use and as you can see, it looks great. In addition, you will be able to (eventually) change the colors of the NAV buttons, fonts and headings…

Hi Tatiana, I absolutely love my new design! It is exactly what I was looking for. This is the second site I have had designed by you and I have not been disappointed. I will definitely be back and will recommend you for sure.

Don, from
Home Made Dessert Recipes

Custom website design for vintage dessert recipes

SBI custom Web design for “upload your own HTML”

There are some (more or less) nice templates to purchase out on Internet, for people who want to upload their own HTML pages. However, they are far from being optimized for the SBI! analyzer and for the Search Engines (even though some of them ARE recommended by SBI!)

Just think that it’s not always about what you have to offer to your audience, but how you do it…

Tatiana, I LOVE your work! Awesome, awesome, awesome. The skin care shop is just wonderful and the blog page came out fantastic. Thank you so much! I was so afraid of messing up those pages because they generate the most traffic.

I have to say the new L&F has almost doubled my traffic this month! I even sold my first e-book the day after you loaded that page!

What an amazing difference a credible and professional looking site makes.

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been admiring the pages you’ve transitioned.

Sue, from
Skin Care Resource Center

web design template and custom l&f for SBI UYO module

Take a look at some examples of my  SBI custom Web design I created over the years

I know, SBI people loved my custom web design for UYO, and using my “Cool & Easy” template too, but… as my father used to say: ” the only constant in life is change” 🙂

  • My custom “Cool & Easy” template for BB1 to UYO is redundant now
  • And I’m not longer offering UYO services
  • Honestly, I would recommend you to go with BB2

But wait! – Things are changing even more… 🙂

WordPress Custom Design

In 2015 I discovered WordPress – WOW!

– I was about to switch my own HealthBenefitsofWater.com website, from UYO to BB2, but instead I just switched it to WordPress 🙂

…. And this is how, little by little I started to learn about this new platform. In case you are not amazed enough, I just switched this present allbizwebdesign.com from classic to WP too 🙂

– I have created already eight Websites using this platform 🙂

Choose the best Custom Web Design for your business, because, after all you are working hard to create your unique and special presence on this World Wide Web –

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