4. Website Credibility through Company Motive – 15.5%

The comments in this study addressed the perceived underlying motive of the site or the institution sponsoring the site. These comments often referred to how Websites lost credibility when the only purpose of a site seemed to be selling things or getting money from users. In other cases, Websites won credibility by conveying motives that people found to be admirable. Sample comments are below:

  • The fact that this site has a global conscience impressed me and made me feel it was more credible. — F, 40, New Jersey
  • This site looks like its goal is to help you find what you are looking for. — F, 55, California
  • Seems too “commercial” and therefore less objective. — M, 52, Texas
  • This site says to me “Give us your money and get out.” — F, 29, British Columbia
  • Doesn’t seem credible when they give a product a good review and give you a link to order it too. — F, 38, Texas

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