SBI BB1 Web Design Template 2 – Custom L&F Design

SBI BB1 Web Design Template 2 custom design archived portfolio – Examples of Look and Feel for websites using SBI BB1 module  in the years 2005 – 20011.

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SBI BB1 Web Design Template 2 – Testimonials:

Hi Tatiana,
Thank you so much for transforming my site.

I can’t believe how much better it looks and I’m kicking myself for not changing the L&F sooner!

I am amazed at how much more attractive, polished and professional the site now looks.

It would have taken me weeks to accomplish what you did in two days and I doubt the result would have been half as good.

Best regards,

Lisa from
Babymoon Guide


Thank you sooo much 🙂

Carl, from
Motorcycle and Scooter


Your pages (sites) have a totally different “feel” to them than, how do I say this without sounding elitist, “normal” SBI! sites.

By that I mean, they are a step up design-wise and into a more sophisticated category. I think this may run counter to SBI!’s “KISS” philosophy, but there ya go. Not that I’m into winky-blinky sites, but still. Plain-Jane gets old after a while too.


David Sieg from
Making Biodiesel at Home

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